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Shorebirds to Host Par 3 at Perdue Stadium

Delmarva Shorebirds

Perdue Stadium will be the latest ballpark to offer a nine-hole golf course, as the Delmarva Shorebirds (Low A; Sally League) have announced their take on the offseason promotion.  

With teams around baseball always looking for unique events to host over the offseason, golf-related offerings have become something of a trend. Whether it is through a nine-hole course, or a new spin on miniature golf, several clubs have rolled out these types of offerings within the last few years.

In the case of Perdue Stadium, the Shorebirds are planning a nine-hole, 27-par golf experience for later this month. From October 13-15, the Shorebirds will feature the Par 3 at Perdue Stadium.  This is the type of event that the team is pleased to host at the ballpark, according to general manager Chris Bitters. More from Delmarva Now:

“The wonderful thing about minor league baseball is that in the industry, we don’t compete against each other, and some teams did something like this for a few years, so we thought it’d be something cool to do,” Bitters said. “It keeps the stadium active and fans engaged in our operation.”

The event will feature nine tee boxes and seven greens, located throughout the ballpark. Caddies will be stationed around the stadium at each tee box to assist golfers with their shots and swings.

Due to the lack of distance for each hole, golfers will only be allowed to bring and use their 7 iron, 8 iron and 9 iron, along with their wedges. There will be no putting or chipping according to the organization’s press release.

“You won’t directly ever walk on the field,” Bitters said. “Shots come from somewhere in the stadium’s concourse areas, and on the field will be nine holes. There will be small risers on the concourse and you’ll hit from there out to the designated hole.”

As noted, several teams in recent years have hosted golf-related events at the their ballparks over the offseason. In the minors, the Buffalo Bisons (Class AAA; International League) might offer the most similar promotion to what the Shorebirds will stage later this month, as they feature The Links at Coca-Cola Field. More information on Delmarva’s event can be found on the team’s website.

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