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Lighting Issue Affects Sam Lynn Ballpark

Bakersfield Train Robbers

Issues with a light standard are causing problems for Sam Lynn Ballpark and its tenant, the Bakersfield Train Robbers (independent; Pecos League). 

The problems at Sam Lynn Ballpark have affected action over the last several days. The first-base light standard failed multiple times on Friday, ultimately causing the game between Bakersfield and Monterey to be suspended with a 0-0 score. The Train Robbers had another home game on Saturday, which was also suspended by issues with the same light standard and had be resumed on Monday afternoon, while the game that was previously scheduled for Monday evening was postponed as work on the light took place.

Sam Lynn Ballpark is a historic facility that is perhaps best known as the longtime home of the Bakersfield Blaze (High A; California League). The Pecos League recently staged its Pacific Division All-Star Game at the ballpark and, while emphasizing its positive relationship with the community, the circuit is hoping that repairs are completed sooner rather than later. More from

Pecos League commissioner Andrew Dunn said the league attempted to contact Kern County’s general services department Friday, but that department’s acting director, Geoffrey Hill, said the county received no message until Monday morning.

“It’s really hard with Kern County,” said Dunn, whose office is in New Mexico. “They’re good people, but they’re just not in a hurry.”

The Train Robbers attempted to play Saturday anyway. The game against High Desert reached the second inning before the same light failed. Another reset, another delay, and this time the light failed less than 10 minutes later, right as High Desert was completing a double play.

“Welcome to Bakersfield,” Dunn said. “We still like Bakersfield, but it’s been, well, different. We’ve never had this happen in the history of our league.”

The Train Robbers are in their inaugural season at Sam Lynn Ballpark.

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