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Last Day: MiLB Best of the Ballparks 2017, Final Four

Ballpark DigestWe’re bumping up against a big deadline, as tonight is your last chance to vote in the MiLB Best of the Ballparks 2017 Final Four round. So you know what to do: Vote!

Over 150,000 fans have voted just in the first three rounds of the MiLB Best of the Ballpark fan vote, far surpassing last year’s 70,000 votes for every Best of the Ballparks competition (which included indy, MiLB, short season and rookie). Still, despite the numbers, there are plenty of matchups in this round where a percentage point or less separates the contenders. Here are the four levels of competition:

Best of the Ballparks 2017: Triple-A, Final Four

Best of the Ballparks 2017: Double-A, Final Four

Best of the Ballparks 2917: High-A, Final Four

Best of the Ballparks 2017: Low-A, Final Four

As noted, the voting in this round ends tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Eastern. So this is your last night to vote, and your vote will indeed make a difference.

And don’t forget that the Best of the Ballparks 2017 fan vote for independent ballparks has begun:

Best of the Ballparks 2017: Independent Baseball

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