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Rangers Gather Fan Feedback on New Ballpark Design

Texas Rangers ballpark rendering -- Jan. 5, 2017

Fans of the Texas Rangers are weighing in with ideas for the team’s new ballpark, including ways to replicate touches from Globe Life Park

HKS was recently awarded the design contract for the new retractable-roof facility, marking a major step toward the ballpark’s planned opening in 2020. Renderings, including the one above, were released when it was confirmed that HKS was joining the project.

However, the amount of time left in the process means that things are bound to be tweaked along the way. To seek feedback on potential options, the Rangers have been soliciting input from fans. One of the common themes that has emerged thus far is the connection to Globe Life Park, as fans are emphasizing their favorite touches at the team’s current facility, according to Rob Matwick, the Rangers executive vice president of business operations. More from The Dallas Morning News:

Fan responses indicate a strong affection for Globe Life Park, the 23-year-old Arlington stadium that the new park will replace, Matwick said.

“A majority of the feedback that we got early about the current architecture related to Globe Life Park and the things they like about it,” Matwick said. “The public has great affection for it, as do we.”

Matwick said the public’s consistent checking of the box labeled “architectural style” on the website surprised him, along with repeated references to Globe Life.

“When you drill down deep into the comments, the message is, ‘We love Globe Life Park and want to keep as many of its features as possible,’ ” he said.

Even as it enters its final years, Globe Life Park still offers some features that can provide plenty of inspiration. That is probably why some of the facility’s main characteristics figure to stay in place if a plan to repurpose it once the Rangers leave comes to fruition, and the facility’s exterior (shown below) undeniably offers some unique characteristics.

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As mentioned, the design process is going to take time to play itself out. Perhaps, however, the finish product could incorporate nods to the Rangers past while simultaneously providing a modern environment.

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