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Progress Made on Dunkin’ Donuts Park

Hartford Yard Goats

Weeks after construction resumed at Dunkin’ Donuts Park, planners are confident that the ballpark will be ready for the Hartford Yard Goats (Class AA; Eastern League) 2017 season.

After taking over the project, Arch Insurance tabbed Whiting-Turner to finish the ballpark, which was to have opened for the 2016 season but was hit with a myriad of delays. Construction was halted in June when the contract for developers Centerplan Construction Co. and DoNo Hartford was terminated by the city.

Whiting-Turner assumed work on the project in October, with the goal being to have Dunkin’ Donuts Park ready by the Yard Goats’ home opener on April 13. According to project officials, that timeline appears to be realistic, as Whiting-Turner is not only making progress on previously uncompleted tasks, but is also shoring up other areas of the facility. More from The Hartford Courant:

“We are making significant progress, and we’re still on track for baseball in April 2017,” said Patrick Nails, a senior vice president with Arch Insurance, which is guaranteeing the completion of Dunkin’ Donuts Park in time for the season opener.

Nails said that there are usually 70 to 80 contractors on site daily, six days a week.

The ballpark has been winterized to keep pipes from bursting once the weather turns. The heating and electrical systems are nearing completion, as is work on the guardrails in the stands.

One elevator is fully operational; a second is almost there. The home team locker room has been completed and awaits a finish coat of paint, as do several luxury suites. Many areas of the ballpark have already received a fresh coat of paint. Much of the construction debris that was left behind in June is gone.

Progress is reportedly being made on other aspects of Dunkin’ Donuts Park, including the Yard Goats’ offices, the 360-degree concourse, and repairs to the roof.

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