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Billings Mustangs Seek to Extend Lease

Billings Mustangs

The Billings Mustangs (Rookie; Pioneer League) are seeking a 10-year lease extension at Dehler Park, and could make future ballpark upgrades. 

As part of the terms that are on the table, the Mustangs will extend their agreement through the 2026 season and double their annual rent to $60,000. Proceeds from the rent would be redirected to Dehler Park capital improvements, which would be reviewed by a three-person authority in the event that more than $30,000 is needed from the fund.

Additionally the Mustangs would be given further leeway to make ballpark improvements, and to host firework shows and non-gameday events. The lease has not received final approval, but city officials seem open to the deal. More from the Billings Gazette:

“It’s a good agreement,” said Michael Whitaker, the city’s parks, recreation and public lands director. “It helps maintain the facility and gives us and them the opportunity to schedule activities other than baseball.”

Under the proposal, the club is allowed to display advertising throughout the park’s interior, except for signs above, below and beside the scoreboard, and to keep all revenue derived from the advertising.

 The agreement also permits the club to add seating and standing areas, including tables, beverage stations, bars, canopies and food vending areas, with the consent of city officials.

“I hope those projects will get done,” Whitaker said. “A lot of it will depend on whether they can find sponsors to help defer the cost.”

The Mustangs are also looking to add a kids area, which would include a zipline. The team is owned by Main Street Baseball.

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