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Ticket Surchage Discussed in Bridgeport


Depending upon what decision Bridgeport officials make, a ticket surcharge may be added to admission to Bridgeport Bluefish (independent; Atlantic League) games. 

Regardless if the cost is labeled a tax, fee, or surcharge, the end result is the same. Under recent Connecticut legislation, local governments have the right to add a surcharge of up to 5% to admission for local events. In Bridgeport, officials are looking into the possibility of employing the law in some form.

The additional fee is not a done deal in Bridgeport, but proponents are crafting their cases. Certain city officials are arguing that it is an opportunity to pick some revenue from a source that is not exclusively paid by Bridgeport residents, and some are suggesting that portions of the money could be redirected in a way that benefits local venues.

For right now, the Bluefish sound leery of the potential surcharge. More from CT

It was not that long ago that state lawmakers successfully exempted the arena and ballpark from Connecticut’s 10 percent admissions tax to help promote attendance.

Michael Picker, president of the arena, did not return requests for comment. Frank Boulton, owner of the minor league Bluefish baseball team, said, “Anything that makes the ticket more expensive for the fans concerns me.”

“That’s why we had successfully asked to waive the 10 percent,” Boulton said.

The Bluefish have faced challenges filling ballpark seats. And the arena, according to [mayor Joe] Ganim’s administration has, despite luring big name acts like Elton John, Carrie Underwood and KISS, fallen behind on its rent to the city.

A full proposal on the potential surcharge should be presented in the next few weeks.

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