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Grizzlies to Host Good Karma Night, Aid in Fight Against Homelessness

Mayor Ashley Swearengin

To assist in the fight against homelessness, the Fresno Grizzlies (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) will host Good Karma Night at Chukchansi Park on Friday, June 24. This event follows a press conference at Chukchansi Park from Fresno mayor Ashley Swearengin in which she announced a three-year plan to reduce homelessness in Fresno to “functional zero,” continuing and adding to a joint 10-year program between Fresno and Fresno County that began in 2008.

Total homelessness in the Fresno-Madera County area dropped 48.3 percent between January 2009 and January 2016.

“Functional zero means we will have the resources in place to ensure people who become homeless have the amount and level of services needed to help them so they don’t slip into chronic homelessness. That’s the goal and it’s very achievable,” said Mayor Swearengin at the press event.

The setting for those remarks was appropriate, as it was announced the Fresno Grizzlies would be aiding in the Mayor’s plan to fight homelessness in Fresno County and City. The Grizzlies will be holding a “Good Karma Night” for their game on Friday, June 24. On “Good Karma Night,” fans are free to pay whatever they would like for available tickets. (In person at the Chukchansi Park box office only, in advance or day of game.)

At a $1 dollar minimum, fans are free to pay what they can for a ticket, or pay as much as they would like as a donation; 50% of proceeds from all tickets sold as a part of “Good Karma Night” will go directly to the Fresno First Steps Home, which provides housing for the homeless and aids in finding permanent housing.

General Manager Derek Franks

“Who among us couldn’t use some good karma?,” remarked Fresno Grizzlies General Manager Derek Franks. “Good Karma Night on June 24 is great opportunity to sell out Chukchansi Park. That goal will help us raise significant funds for Fresno First Steps Home, which will go a long way in aiding Mayor Swearengin’s quest to continue to help and vastly reduce the homeless population in Fresno.”

Promotions of note for the Grizzlies’ June 24 game against Albuquerque (Colorado Rockies) include Post-Game Friday Fireworks presented by Fresno Madera Farm Credit. It’s also Parker T. Bear’s 10th Birthday (Grizzlies mascot), and he’ll be celebrating throughout the game with several of his mascot friends making an appearance, including Orbit from Fresno’s parent club, the Houston Astros.

Images of Ashley Swearengin and Derek Franks courtesy of the Fresno Grizzlies. 

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