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Grizzlies Unveil Mascot-Minister, Will Offer Ballpark Weddings on Thursday

Fresno Grizzlies

This has got to be a first: the Fresno Grizzlies (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) now have an officially ordained mascot-minister (!), as Parker T. Bear will be performing wedding ceremonies as part of Thursday night’s promo schedule.

Now, as far as we know, there are not any other ordained mascots in the majors or the minors. And it is certainly a very unique circumstance to be able to be wed by a MiLB mascot, never mind a mascot in any professional sport. Thursday’s promotion at the ballpark is “My Big Fat Fresno Wedding Show,” as the Grizzlies play their final game of the season against the Oklahoma City Dodgers. The team is going all-out in this promotion, as Chukchansi Park will be filled with wedding vendors who will be happy to help out with mascot and non-mascot weddings. But the draw will be Parker, who will legit marry anyone interested during the game Thursday night, and will also officiate vow renewal for already-married couples.

“People get married without a big wedding all the time, we’re just providing the most colorful backdrop for it.  Getting hitched by Parker at a Grizzlies game will be a memory that lasts a lifetime,” said Sam Hanson, Grizzlies Marketing Director.

And it can be a cheap wedding: couples looking to marry can pick up two tickets to the game for just 20 bucks with a marriage license, a 50 percent discount off field box prices day of game.  (A marriage license will be needed for a Parker-officiated wedding.) And for those who don’t arrive at the ballpark engaged, there’s always the potential to meet a new mate: It’s also Ladies Night at Chukchansi Park and Tecate Thursday, with $2 Tecate and Tecate Light available through the fifth inning.

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