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Cyclones Announce Seinfeld Night 3


The Brooklyn Cyclones (Short Season A; NY-Penn League) have announced plans for Seinfeld Night, signaling the return of the popular annual promotion. As they have before, the Cyclones are pulling out all of the stops to pay tribute to one of the most enduring sitcoms of its time. 

In the past, the Cyclones have picked particular themes that are inspired by classic Seinfeld episodes. The inaugural Seinfeld Night in 2014 paid tribute to the puffy shirt, while last year’s turn includedCosmo’s Technicolor Jersey and Little Jerry bobbleheads. This year’s edition–dubbed Make Kramerica Great Again— will be held on July 2 and, like its predecessors, will feature several creative offerings. Here is some more info from the Cyclones:

In 2014, the Cyclones distributed Keith Hernandez “Magic Loogie” bobbleheads, which depicted the former Mets first baseman describing his recollections of the incident which led to Kramer and Newman being spat upon across the gravely road. This season, fans will be able to take home a bobblehead of the alleged “Second Spitter” and former Mets reliever, Roger McDowell.

Adding to the night will be a special appearance from John O’Hurley, who famously played the role of J. Peterman on the show. John will be signing autographs, posing for photos, and if he’s anything like his character from the show, probably telling stories.

Fans will have their first chance to get tickets for what is sure to be one of our most popular games of the season, this Friday at 10 AM as part of the limited-edition J. Peterman Package. Log on to and use password “Bosco” to get access to the special offer. For $35 fans will receive a field box seat, J. Peterman Bobblehead and “Make Kramerica Great Again” t-shirt. The bobblehead features Peterman holding one of JFK’s broken golf clubs, which he outbid Sue Ellen Mischke for at auction. The t-shirts will be available in adult sizes Small – XXL on a first-come, first-served basis at our information booth located behind Section 9.



While the giveaway items are always a fan favorite, what truly makes the night so much fun has been the Seinfeld-themed fan competitions throughout the night. This year will feature some new competitions, as well as fan favorites from years past, that are sure to entertain. Here’s a look at some of the fun that’s in store:

  • MCU Park will undergo a one-night-only name change and will be known as Kramerica Industries Park as a ode to Kramer’s company that is trying to solve the world’s energy crisis one giant ball of oil at a time.
  • Izzy Mandelbaum’s Feats of Strength– All aboard the pain train! We will test our fans strength, agility and overall physical fitness in this pre-game competition inspired by Jerry’s geriatric personal trainer.
  • The “Red Dot” – In honor of George’s purchase of a “slightly” damaged cashmere sweater, fans will be given a mountain of Cyclones merchandise and asked to sort through it in hopes of finding the item with the red dot.
  • Cartwright! Cartwright! – Just like the classic episode where Cartwright actually means Costanza, our Public Address announcer will take some liberties with the names of the visiting team the first time through the batting order.
  • The Astronaut Pen – Contestants will have to lie down and play a game of Pictionary while drawing upside down. It would be much easier if Jack Klompus would just let them borrow his pen!
  • The Lip Reader – Just like Jerry’s girlfriend, the tennis lineswoman from the U.S. Open, fans will be asked to lip-read from across the room. We just hope that nobody asks to “sweep together,” this is a family atmosphere!
  • “He’s Taking out the Woods” – When Kramer is tailing Jerry’s stolen car, the thief starts tossing golf clubs that he finds in the back seat. Contestants will compete to see who can toss their putter the furthest…none of JFK’s golf clubs will be harmed in the making of this competition.
  • Envelope Licking Competition – Hopefully the contest ends better for the contestants than it did for Susan Ross.
  • Look to the Cookie – Competitors will be invited to stuff their faces with black and white cookies…the winner may, or not, receive a hair covered Babka.
  • J. Peterman Race – Fans will race around the bases using a Squires Walking Stick while collecting Peterman inspired treats like a poppy seed bagel, Entenmann’s cake (which may have been served at the wedding of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson circa 1937), and of course an Urban Sombrero.
  • Bob Cobb Invitational – Throughout the game, fans will be able to compete in a table-top pool tournament using – yep, you guessed it – a Maestro’s baton for a pool cue.
  • “The Ocean Called, They’re Running Out of Shrimp” – We will be on the lookout for two contestants with an affinity for chowing down on shrimp cocktail, just like George, who will be given the chance to claim the title of king of the sea. The competition will be presented by The Jerk Store.

We’ll also bring back some of the fan favorite competitions from year’s past like the Junior Mint Toss, Kramer’s Lobster Trap Race and of course the battle for the Big Salad Championship Belt with the 3rd Annual Elaine Dancing Competition.

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