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A gentle reminder: 2014 Ballpark Digest Awards

Ballpark DigestJust a reminder that we’re accepting nominations for the 2014 Ballpark Digest Awards, where we honor the best and the brightest in all of baseball–MLB, MiLB, indy, summer collegiate and college.

Last year saw a record of submissions from every level of baseball, and we want to break that record this year. So far we’ve received 100 or so nominations, so we’re on a pace to break that record.

We’re looking for nominations in these categories:

Promotion of the Year. Promotions are the heart and soul of professional baseball. What team showed the most imagination in bringing a new promotion to fans? We like to see flair and imagination, as well as effectiveness, when it comes to noteworthy promotions.

Best New Logo. What teams overhauled their looks to a positive effect? What team successfully enhanced their image with a new branding?

Best New Food Item. What new ballpark food item made your mouth water?

Best Marketing. This could be a radio spot, a TV spot, an Internet spot or a scoreboard spot.

Organization of the Year. What front office boosted the fortunes of their team to best effect? We’re looking to honor the entire front-office team here.

Executive of the Year. Who is a leading light in the front office, making an impact on the game?

Broadcaster of the Year. Who notably calls a game?  

Best Ballpark Improvement. It doesn’t take a ballpark renovation for a team or municipality to improve a facility; sometimes all it takes is a little imagination. 

Editor’s Choice. We use this as a wild-card category; past winners have included MiLB for charity efforts and the Cape Cod League for sending a league baseball to space.

We’ve tentatively settled on the main awards concerning new ballpark and outstanding renovations, but if you have an opinion, go ahead and send it in: the more the merrier! And feel free to pass this email to your opinionated ballpark fans: the more input, the better the decisions we make. And if there’s no clear-cut winner in a category, we’ll honor co-winners. We want to hear both from teams and fans. Send your thoughts to The deadline for submissions: Sept. 14, 2014.

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