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Bird meets baseball at Parkview Field

Fort Wayne TinCaps bird

Shades of Randy Johnson and Dave Winfield! A small bird had an unfortunate experience after being struck by a pitch during Saturday’s Fort Wayne TinCaps-West Michigan Whitecaps game at Parkview Field.

To set the scene: West Michigan’s Jon Maciel was throwing a 1-1 pitch to Fort Wayne’s Josh VanMeter, when a small bird flying across the playing field was struck by the pitch right in front of home plate, altering the flight of the pitch. The bird ended up on the playing field, and play resumed when it was removed. Here’s the video:

This has happened before. Randy Johnson, famously, struck a dove during a 2001 spring-training game while pitching for the Arizona Diamondbacks:

And, of course, Dave Winfield was arrested after a ball he threw back to the infield struck and killed a gull.


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