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Office Space night a smash at the Duck Pond

Office Space

It’s hard to imagine a promotion having this level of impact (literally): the Madison Mallards (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) held an Office Space promo where fans were allowed on the field to smash their balky printers and scanners.

Office Space, of course, is the classic 1999 movie where a group of rebellious programmers and developers, led by Ron Livington, took control of their destiny by introducing a penny-shaving algorithm to the company software, which soon spiraled out of control. On a larger scale, the Mike Judge comedy was a thoughtful look at the modern workspace, complete with marrying squirrels, Milton Waddams, TPS reports and a hypnosis gone astray. Oh, and Jennifer Aniston was the love interest.

A central scene in the movie: Livingston and crew took a much-hated printer to an open field and smashed the heck out of it. With Office Space actor Richard Riehle on hand for the promotion — the man with the people skills — that promo was replicated at Warner Park. Check it out:

Now, it didn’t rise to the level of Disco Demolition Night, the infamous Chicago White Sox promo that spiraled out of control when fans were invited to the Comiskey Park playing field to smash and burn disco albums. But it looks like fun was had by all.


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