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Biscuits show the money with Hidden Cash Montgomery

Montgomery BiscuitsThere’s nothing like giving away money to make a promotion a success, and that’s what the Montgomery Biscuits (Class AA; Southern League) are doing with Hidden Cash Montgomery today.

The social-media trend, established a mere week ago in San Francisco, has taken the Twitter world by storm. An anonymous millionaire started the movement by hiding envelopes of cash all over the San Francisco Bay area and tweeting out clues to the location of the money. Finders of the hidden envelopes were instructed to Tweet back a picture of the money and then either keep the money or pay it forward. Since the launch of the movement many cities have followed suit including Los Angeles, New Orleans and even as far as London, just today.

The promotion is simple: the Hidden Cash scavenger hunt will begin at Noon with envelopes hidden throughout downtown Montgomery. Clues will be tweeted out via @HiddenCashMGM. The scavenger hunt will move into Riverwalk Stadium, beginning at 6 p.m. in correlation with the Biscuits Freebie Friday promotion, with envelopes containing cash and Biscuit Bucks hidden throughout the ballpark. Beginning in the 8th inning the ballpark will open to the public, without a ticket, and clues will continue until all envelopes are found.

“This movement of ‘hidden cash’ is sweeping major cities across the nation,” Biscuits Owner Sherrie Myers said. “The Montgomery community is full of kind people who pay it forward every day. We just want to take this opportunity to really put Southern hospitality on the map.”

Teaming up with the Biscuits: the Montgomery Advertiser.

“It’s happening right now and the River Region deserves the chance to participate in this feel good and worthy, worldwide trend,” Montgomery Advertiser President and Publisher, Robert Granfeldt, said.

The only request is for finders of the money to tweet a picture of their winnings and their share their plans of keeping the money or paying it forward to @HiddenCashMGM. Pictures of these celebrations or acts of kindness will be posted on both the Biscuits and Advertiser social media platforms.


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