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Lugnuts to celebrate Hump Day with camel appearances

Humphrey the Camel

We’ve seen racing monkeys and ball-delivering pigs at games, but the Lansing Lugnuts (Low Class A; Midwest League) are upping the ante by bringing in Humphrey the Camel to make Hump Day appearances at Cooley Law School Stadium.

Humphrey, a live camel, will be at every Hump Day (Wednesday) game this season. Hump Day activities will start with half-off drinks from 7 to 8 p.m., followed by Humphrey delivering the-first pitch baseballs out to the field. Afterward, he’ll saunter over to the west gate for pictures and petting. Lugnuts fans will also have the opportunity to win a camel-ride.

Other activities include a Hump Day t-shirt toss and a special “On the Hump” trivia segment featuring Lugs pitchers. And, of course, Humphrey merchandise will be available at the ballpark.


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