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Stow attackers plead guilty UPDATED!

MLBThe two men who viciously attacked San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow in the Dodger Stadium parking lot pleaded guilty to charges today during a scheduled court appearance.

The pair pleaded guilty at a court appearance today. From AP:

They were immediately sentenced by an angry judge who called them cowards and the sort of people that sports fans fear when they go to games.

Louie Sanchez, 31, saying he kicked and punched Stow, pleaded guilty to one count of mayhem that disabled and disfigured the victim. He was sentenced to eight years in prison with credit for 1,086 days.

Marvin Norwood pleaded guilty to one count of assault likely to produce great bodily injury and was sentenced to four years. His credit for time already in custody appeared to account for at least the majority of that term.


Marvin Norwood, 30, and Louie Sanchez, 31 face multiple charges related to the Opening Day 2011 beating of paramedic Stow after the Giants defeated the Dodgers. Multiple media outlets are reporting that the pair may plead guilty to some of the charges today, avoiding a trial. From the Los Angeles Times:

Stow said that he hoped they “code,” paramedic slang for having a heart attack, and then the man later identified as Sanchez shoved Stow. The paramedics took off to avoid a confrontation but a few minutes later, the two assailants accosted Stow and his friends.

Witnesses said Stow was  sucker-punched by the man in a Dodger jersey. Stow fell on the ground, fracturing his skull and receiving permanent brain damage. Once on the ground, Stow was kicked in the ribs and head.

The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said pleas were possible at the hearing but stressed that any final decision would be made in the courtroom. No details were immediately available about any type of plea deal.

The vicious attack on Stow left him with permanent disabilities. He’s pursuing a civil case against the Los Angeles Dodgers, claiming negligence.

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