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Aberdeen debates future of Ripken Stadium area

Aberdeen IronBirdsThe area near Ripken Stadium, home of the Aberdeen IronBirds (short season A; NY-Penn League), was pitched as a mixed-use neighborhood, and city officials want to see that plan carried out.

So far the vision of an Integrated Business District — residential, office and retail — around the ballpark has failed ro materialize, and developers have pitched housing in the area instead. With Aberdeen already fighting the perception that it’s just a bedroom community for Baltimore, city officials are not pleased with the proposals. From the Baltimore Sun:

Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck said the city has enough townhouses and she would prefer to see more higher-end properties instead of “starter homes.”

“That’s what we were going to be, just a city full of townhouses, and that was not the vision of our city,” she said.

Landbeck said she would prefer not to have any type of housing around the stadium.


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