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Wilmington Sharks unveil new branding

Wilmington Sharks 2014

Under new ownership, the Wilmington Sharks (summer collegiate; Coastal Plain League) have unveiled a new branding plan for 2014.

“Since purchasing the team in December, our organization has been committed to rebranding every aspect of the Wilmington Sharks baseball experience,” said Peter Freund, owner of the Sharks. “The new identity is symbolic of our commitment to the fans and what they can expect this summer when they come out to the ballpark.”

The new brand identity, developed by Dan Simon of Studio Simon, features the original Sharks colors of navy and gray, but is now highlighted by a Carolina Blue and a Tan. The primary shark logo is fierce but friendly, featuring a laid back shark with bat on his shoulders and a drift wood beach sign with Wilmington carved into it.

“It’s exciting for us any time we have the chance to work with collegiate summer league teams to create the same type of professional brand identity systems we develop for professional baseball clubs,” Simon said.

The new secondary logo, which will be seen on all home caps, is a nod to the previous W logo.

Wilmington Sharks 2014

“In our research of logos both inside and outside of the sports branding arena we discovered that many shark-themed marks that do not otherwise feature an entire shark tend to use a shark fin,” Simon commented. “Wishing to take a different route than the expected for the new home cap logo, we chose instead to create a W incorporating the head of a shark rising from the depths, a_ la the iconic Jaws movie poster image, for a fresh take on shark-themed logos.”

Also being introduced today is Haley Wilson, Assistant General Manager, who joins the Sharks after working in both fitness and children’s health over the past few years. A recent graduate of UNC Wilmington, we are pleased to welcome Haley to the team.

“We are happy to have Haley join our team,” said Sharks GM Amanda Blackwell. “She possesses the positive energy and creativity that we have been looking for.”

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