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Million thanks to Ballpark Digest readers

Ballpark DigestAround noon yesterday something happened at Ballpark Digest that had never happened before: the site surpassed a million page views in a month.

Now, in this age of Internet publishing, it’s certainly not unique for a single website to generate these sorts of numbers, and in fact both Spring Training Online and New West (two other sites we operate) will regularly hit a million page views in a month. But it’s a big deal for us to have Ballpark Digest reach that level: it’s a niche site focused on a small audience of those working in and around the baseball industry. In this age of the drive-by internet, where regular readers are put aside in a chase for a huge number of uniques who hit your site once and then depart, never to be seen again, we’ve chosen a model that stresses consistent engagement with the core audience rather than one driven by linkbait headlines. It’s a model that brings our readers back daily — which, for us, is the best business model possible.

So thanks to each and everyone of you for your support and patronage. Thanks to our main advertisers: Populous, Resnick Amsterdam Leshner, Professional Sports Catering, Opening Day Partners and Wheelhouse Sports Marketing. We’re working on another site overhaul before the end of the year that will help us do even more cool things. The inimitable Jesse Goldberg-Strassler will be writing regularly for the site again come Oct. 1. We have some cool books lined up for release. We’ll be posting the rest of the Ballpark Digest awards this coming week and next. And, of course, we’ll be seeing all of you at the Winter Meetings. –Kevin Reichard


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