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MiLB hits 41M fans for ninth consecutive year

Minor League BaseballA nice postscript to the attendance figures we posted yesterday: in 2013 Minor League Baseball attracted over 41 million fans for the ninth year in a row.

MiLB recorded a 2 percent hike in attendance, hitting 41,553,781 total fans in 2013, some 275,000 over 2012’s total.

“To experience increases in total and average attendance is a testament to the quality of our product and the ability of our clubs to adapt to conditions, be it weather, economic or otherwise,” said MiLB President/CEO Pat O’Conner. “Attracting more than 41 million fans a year for nine years has helped solidify the Minor League Baseball Brand to our partners and fans.”

For the specifics, check out our attendance rankings:

2013 Affiliated Attendance by Average

2013 Affiliated Attendance by Total

2013 Affiliated Attendance by League

2013 Baseball Attendance by Average


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