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Book news; welcome to a new advertiser

Ballpark DigestSome news coming out of August Publications and Ballpark Digest today: please welcome a new advertiser to these pages, and afterwards check out our latest book release.

One More RideThe advertiser is the Tennessee Smokies (Class AA; Southern League), who are seeking to fill some positions in their front office. Check out the ad in the column next to this story; it links to openings with the team.

The book is One More Ride, a memoir of memorable motorcycle rides from Fred Milverstedt. It’s a departure for us; normally we’re all about baseball, but the chance to publish this fine book was too alluring. You can see more information about the book at the August Publications website, and here’s a little sneak peek from the Introduction:

Riding motorcycles, like any other dynamic activity, can be fraught with peril. By contrast, for every time on a given ride you encounter a difficult, sometimes dangerous situation, there are hundreds of times when the rides are magnificent, almost transcendent, and you return home safely and happy as a bug without so much as even a cop coming your way and checking his radar to see if you might have been speeding.

These rides, blissful as they may be, are not exactly the kind of stuff that makes for a well-paced, exciting and entertaining read. It would be boring. And given the kind of writer I am, and the kind I am not, it would be worse.

If you’re a motorcyclist or know someone who is, this book is for you. We’ll be celebrating the book release at an event at Madison’s One Barrel Brewing on June 27; Fred will also be reading at Spring Green’s Arcadia Books on July 7.

You may see some new names on articles and newsletter pieces: we’ve brought on two part-time writers to help out with the workload.


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