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Knights go 1990 retro style in 2013

Charlotte Knights retro uniform

This was high fashion in 1990: The Charlotte Knights (Class AAA; International League) are reviving their black pinstripes for new “Flashback Fridays” series, which is set to commemorate 24 years of history at Knights Stadium.

The 1990 throwback jerseys during each of the club’s 10 Friday night home games this season.

“With this being our final year at Knights Stadium, we want to celebrate some of the best years in this stadium’s rich 24-year history,” said Knights General Manager of Baseball Operations Scott Brown. “The 1990’s were a special decade at Knights Stadium. Our team made their debut at Knights Stadium in 1990, won their first Governors’ Cup championship in 1993, and added another championship in 1999, just before the end of the decade. We plan to have a flashback theme throughout the entire series.”

Pinstripes, of course, have a special meaning at Knights Stadium: noted designer Alexander Julian bedecked the ballpark in mustard, olive and rust pinstripes when the place opened.

As part of the new “Flashback Fridays” series, each Friday night game will also feature either a special throwback giveaway or a celebrity guest appearance. Three of the giveaways will be throwback hats featuring a different retro logo on each one. A throwback 1990 pennant and retro team card sets are also among the giveaway items set to be handed out this season. A full list of giveaways and guest appearances will be released at a later date.


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