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Best January ever; new books on tap; Arena Digest is back!

Arena DigestSome August Publications news to report: we hit another record for page views in January, Arena Digest is back, and our Complete Guide to Spring Training will be available Friday.

First: thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support of Ballpark Digest. We’ve hit 797,431 page views for January 2013, with two days still remaining — the most ever for a January, up some 13 percent (so far) over January 2012. On a monthly basis, we reach over 50,000 readers. Thanks also to our regular advertisers (Resnick Amsterdam Lesher, Populous, Professional Sports Catering, Wheelhouse Sports Marketing, Opening Day Partners) and the many teams who posted job openings this offseason. We couldn’t do it without all of you.

Second: Arena Digest is back! We migrated the site to a new CMS and have been slowly rebuilding the site. A lot more work needs to be done. Check it out here. We’ve posted a lot of news recently, including the upcoming sale of the Phoenix Coyotes, potential new arenas in Seattle and Markham, and whispers of NHL expansion.

Third: The Complete Guide to Spring Training is coming back in eBook form, in Florida and Arizona editions. We’ll have more information on Friday, but we’re pretty excited about this effort: the books were built from the ground up to take advantage of the eBook technology, and we think you’ll find it very useful when you hit training camps. The book are built to be taken with you on an iPad, iPhone, smartphone or tablet.

These eBooks are part of our expanded book-publishing efforts. On tap for this month and next: second editions of our Goodfellows and Homer books, a new WPA Ballparks book, and more. We’re ramping up to a new monthly book release (some eBooks, some in print); we’d love to hear from you if you’ve got a manuscript on the shelf or an idea ready to go. We’re not limiting the books to ballparks, obviously; any kind of sports history or coverage is fair game. (Indeed, we’re in a serious expansion mode here, with new sites unrelated to sports coming online in coming days, and a joint publishing venture with a major national magazine to be announced soon.) If you’re interested in our other non-sports publishing, check out the August Publications website and sign up for the newsletter there.

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