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Daytona, Cubs: Let’s stay together

Daytona CubsThough there really wasn’t any doubt about it, the Daytona Cubs (High Class A; Florida State League) and the Chicago Cubs signed a two-year extension to their player-development contract (PDC), through 2014.

Apparently the two sides agreed to a deal and are only now getting around to announcing it. Actually, there have been no press releases issued yet — just a chat with the local newspaper

Of course, some of the timing might have to do with a ballpark proposal coming before the Daytona Beach City Commission tomorrow night. the proposed $1.25 million upgrade to Jackie Robinson Ballpark would convert office space to workout facilities and additional clubhouse space. The Cubs are the only FSL team not to play at a spring-training facility and don’t have access to the advanced training tools found at spring camps.

Here’s a look at the current affiliate status.


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