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Outfield turf design as promotional tool in West Michigan

West Michigan WhitecapsInteresting promotion from the West Michigan Whitecaps (Low Class A; Midwest League): shapes of four playing cards are being cut into the outfield grass, and fans will win prizes based on what happens in those four zones.

The promotion, “Aces in the Outfield,” is simple: when fans enter Fifth Third Ballpark they’ll be given a playing card, matching one of the four ace playing cards cut into the outfield grass. Every inning is structured like its own promotion, and fans can win something based on what happens in the inning. For instance, in the eighth inning fans will win a small Pepsi product if a diving catch is made in their zone. The promo is set for this Friday.

From the Whitecaps:

Having a promo based on a cut in the grass isn’t new — we recall an older St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) promo where the logo of a sponsor was cut into the turf behind the pitchers’ mound — but a promotion this extensive and complicated is certainly noteworthy.


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