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Thank you for the best. month. ever.

Ballpark DigestThanks to everyone for making July the best month ever on Ballpark Digest: We exceeded 900,000 page views for the month, and we hit new marks both in total page views and average page views per day.

Everyone and their uncle are launching websites these days: there’s an abundance of riches when it comes to your daily reading, and no end of SEO-baiting sports sites that seek success by throwing a whole bunch of stuff against the wall to see what sticks. The clutter on the sports-media landscape makes your patronage of this site even more gratifying. And you certainly are a loyal bunch: 71 percent of you visit on a daily basis, according to Quantcast. (You also make quite a bit of money, finished graduate school and work in the baseball industry.) Thanks again to each and every one of you: we appreciate you taking the time to read Ballpark Digest.

August will be a big month for August Publications, with new books, new advertisers and new websites on the way. And, at the end of the season, we’re planning another facelift for Ballpark Digest that will add more navigational tools and other features. We’re very excited about what’s in the works, and happy to have you along for the ride. –Kevin Reichard


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