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Pete Rose, hot girlfriend to hit reality TV this fall

Cincinnati RedsThis surely won’t be creepy: a new reality show starring all-time hits leader Pete Rose will follow him and his thirtysomething fiancee — a former Playboy model, to boot — as they attempt to figure out that crazy little thing called love.

There are a host of issues to be covered in TLC’s Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project: the age difference between 71-year-old Rose and the lovely Kiana Kim; how to merge their Los Angeles and Las Vegas homes (Rose’s current gig: signing autographs full-time at the Mandalay Bay resort), visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, and whether Kiana should have breast-reduction surgery. The couple hasn’t been shy about discussing things like their sex life (here’s a clip from the Howard Stern show; kinda SFW, but creepy nevertheless), so expect lots of lively banter in the new series.

We’re not unsympathetic to Rose’s plight in having to make a living, and we’re of the belief he belongs in the Hall of Fame, albeit honored with a plaque containing a huge asterisk outlining his admitted gambling on games. But appearing in a reality show like this and selling autographed copies of his official banishment document from the commissioner’s office certainly isn’t going to inspire any warm and fuzzy feelings from Bud Selig, so we’re guessing reinstatement is still many, many years down the road. The show is expected to air this fall.


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