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The Week That Was: June 24

Ballpark DigestNew-ballpark renderings, new affiliation deals and new life for old ballparks. The most popular stories of the past week on Ballpark Digest, as measured by page views.

Life on the bottom indy league: $50 a week

ASU-Cubs spat may have unexpected beneficiary: new life for Phoenix Muni

West Virginia ballpark renderings released

Boulders, we hardly knew ye; name change on tap

Morgantown emerging as potential Bucs farm-team home?

Buffett, Shea selling Storm Chasers

Twins sign 30-year spring-training lease extension

Winchester pitches Suns with new ballpark offer

San Jose to fund Municipal Stadium repairs

No baseball this summer in Shreveport

As Hawks open season, new Boise ballpark still in limbo

Hawks: We proposed moving to Hillsboro

More affiliation issues: Cedar Rapids reevaluating Angels as parent

Goodbye, SWB Yankees: Name-the-team contest announced

No beer, no ball: Pecos League and Carlsbad part ways

Downtown ballpark planning moving forward in El Paso

Royals, Storm Chasers extend affiliation

Ten years and $35 million later: assessing Eastlake’s Classic Park

Wilmington to ask voters to approve new-ballpark bonding

Hillsboro: We have a deal with the Yakima Bears

More fallout from Missoula ballpark financing

San Jose lands 2013 Cal-Carolina All-Star Game

Barons: We’ll be playing at new ballpark in ’13

Diablos casualty of new El Paso ballpark

Ballpark Digest turns ten, and we’re throwing a party


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