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O’Malley group has inside track to land Padres: report

San Diego PadresThe O’Malley name could be back in Major League Baseball, as a group led by Peter O’Malley is said to have the inside track on landing the San Diego Padres — provided they can meet the asking price.

The San Diego News-Tribune’s Bill Center is reporting John Moores has been meeting with the two finalists to land the team — groups headed by O’Malley and telecom entrepreneur Gary Jabara — and that a new owner could be named by the All-Star break.

“All things being equal, if the O’Malleys are there on the price they will own the Padres,” said Center’s source. “(Majority owner John) Moores knows the O’Malleys would be welcomed by Major League Baseball, which could expedite the sale process.”

Walter O’Malley is the man who brought Major League Baseball to the West Coast when he moved the Dodgers from Brooklyn and convinced Horace Stoneham to move the Giants from New York City. The O’Malley group includes his sons, Kevin and Brian, nephews Peter and Tom Seidler (owners of the Cal League’s Visalia Rawhide), and pro golfer Phil Mickelson. Tony Gwynn, involved with a different bid before it was revealed he owed back taxes to the IRS, passed on being part of the O’Malley group.

The sales price apparently won’t be as high as some anticipated: $600 million for the team and $200 million for the team’s stake in a local sports cable network. Still, the $800 million total is a hefty gain over the $575 million Jeff Moorad agreed to pay for the team before he was turned down by MLB owners.

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