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Winter Classic outdoors in Los Angeles? Dodgers say yes

NHLWith hockey fever sweeping Los Angeles, Dodgers President Stan Kasten says his organization will look at hosting a future NHL Winter Classic.

Kasten, who has somewhat of a background in hockey after heading Ted Turner’s sports organizations (which included the NHL’s Atlanta Threshers), says the technology exists to keep the ice solid and viable in the Southern California sun. We’re a little dubious, especially when you consider the Winter Classic has morphed into a weeklong event that includes alumni games, minor-league and college hockey games, and community skate. We’re talking about weeks of ice time, not just a single game. So let’s write it off as a nice attempt to piggyback on Kings fever and not a serious discussion of whether a sheet of ice can last in the warm California sun for weeks. Still, we’re guessing it will be discussed a little by NHL officials if a presentation is actually made: the NHL has never awarded a Winter Classic event to a warm-weather venue.

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