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US Military All-Stars set to kick off another big tour

US Military All-StarsThey’re one of the biggest draws at summer-collegiate ballparks: the U.S. Military All-Stars are set for another extensive tour across the country this summer.

The 23rd annual “Red, White & Blue Tour,” which sees the squad visiting 45 states and three countries via city-to-city bus tour, will begin in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania on June 6 — appropriately enough, D-Day.

If the team is playing at a ballpark close to you, they’re worth a look. The U.S. Military All-Stars wear full-camouflage uniforms with historical references representing all branches of the military and first responders. Games include a choreographed pre-game that includes “Passing the Ground Zero Flag” and “Walk of Honor” ceremonies to recognize local heroes and everyone who has ever worn a uniform.


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