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The Week That Was: May 20

Ballpark DigestTearing down ballparks, Chicago politics of all sorts and the future of the Oakland Athletics made the list of the most popular stories of the past week on Ballpark Digest, as measured by page views.

WSJ: Tear down Wrigley Field now!

Upper deck of PNC Field coming down this week

Logos released for NAL’s Sonoma County, Hawaii teams

Affiliated ball in St. Paul? Don’t hold your breath

LA Coliseum teetering on edge of insolvency

Chicago politics at play: Tunney vs. the Cubs

Milwaukie advances, Hillsboro retreats in Portland-area ballpark race

Hagerstown: Let’s begin designing new downtown ballpark

Ballpark services for the truly lazy: Paying someone to wait in line for you

Wilmington ballpark financing plan unveiled

Selig: A’s can leave Oakland — but not for San Jose

Reports: Mets to host 2013 All-Star Game at Citi Field

Kapco Park approved for play

Nationals Park: Catalyst for development

Mets owners to develop land near Citi Field

Tampa planning Ybor City baseball museum

Seat-squatting NYPD cop/Mets fan arrested

Toreros end Cunningham era; new ballpark set for next season

Selig: Rivalry series may survive interleague play

New SI Yanks owners, management meet the press

Lemurs successfully launch new ballpark

Giants: Nothing would tempt us to give up Silicon Valley territory

Ballparks and economic development: Still a contentious issue


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