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With May rains comes another Marlins ballpark issue: leaks

Miami MarlinsIt’s a vicious circle. With rains forcing the Marlins Park roof to be closed often — affecting grass growth — another issue has emerged: leaks in the ballpark’s retractable roof.

You’ll remember our earlier story on the new home of the Miami Marlins, where heavy late April/early May rains have forced the roof to be closed more than anticipating, affecting the turf to the point where the Marlins needed to put up sun lamps to stimulate grass growth.

The roof closing has also exposed another issue: leaks in the retractable roof. We’re not talking anything major, just some drips during a rainstorm. From the Miami Herald:

“(On Sunday), there were four of five spots where we had some drips coming down. The roof people were looking at those joints,” [Marlins president David Samson said. “Again, it’s very normal (to have leaks).

“But you need it to rain and see where (the leaks are). There have been different types of rains the last few days. Back in the exhibition games there were leaks in the roof track in (Section) 321. (On Monday), it wasn’t there. Sunday in right field, there were drips in Sections 1 and 2 and 201. But I looked during the game (Monday) when it was pouring, and I did not see it dripping.”

Samson said stadium workers plug the leaks by opening up the panels and patching the joints. “I guess they put gum on it,” Samson joked. “Or, something to seal it up.”

Now, neither of these issues are big or lasting. Turf issues can be fixed; it’s a matter of finding the right blend and then working to firmly establish the turf. And roof issues can be easily fixed as well: it’s simply a matter of identifying leak locations and fixing accordingly.

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