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MLB looking to alter interleague play to curtail rivalries: report

Major League BaseballA scheduling reconfiguration in 2013 made necessary by the move of the Houston Astros to the American League could change the two annual rivalry series so popular at the box office. is reporting the shift, part of the move to permanent interleague play in 2013 when there are 15 teams in each league. Right now there are two three-game rivaly inter-league series — Yankees/Mets, Cubs/White Sox, Twins/Brewers, Rays/Marlins, A’s/Giants, Angels/Dodgers, etc. — that are popular in terms of box-office appeal and ratings, particularly in larger cities where it’s a crosstown or subway series. 

But with the scheduling changes, MLB officials are looking at scaling back the series to a single-three game series or two games at each ballpark. Not necessarily a huge change, but one that will be felt by fans. For the Mets, as an example, nine of the 10 largest crowds at Citi Field have been tallied when the Yankees are in town.


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