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North American League at 10 teams for ’12

North American LeagueThe independent North American League will go with 10 teams this season: six in Texas and four — San Rafael, Orange County, Yuma and Maui — in a Northern Division.

Last night the San Rafael Pacifics released a 72-game schedule with 42 home games at Albert Park, beginning June 4 with a home game against the Orange County Flyers and ending Aug. 26. Six-game series look to be the order of the day, although the Pacifics are set to play a 12-game series in Maui in August.

It was a rough offseason for the North American League, at least in the Northern Division: Calgary, Edmonton and Chico all dropped out of the circuit, and seeing Orange County in the schedule is somewhat of a surprise — the team had gone dark after the 2010 season, and there’s not been a peep from Allan Mintz and crew since November.

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