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Pirates’ Gooby delivers more than pitch at ballpark

Trevor Gooby of the Pittsburgh Pirates

When Latisha Kirk went into labor at McKechnie Field, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Trevor Gooby was on hand to do more than just call for help — he ended up helping deliver Baby McKechnie right outside the front gate.

Gooby, the senior director of Florida operations for the Pirates in Bradenton, was at the ballpark with the rest of his staff Tuesday night for an event to recognize Pirates spring-training season-ticket holders — a soft opening for spring training, as it were.

A very pregnant Kirk was walking to the ballpark when she started having contractions, an unexpected development as she wasn’t due until April 1. Gooby and his team went into action — calling 911 and placing her in a wheelchair — before reality hit: baby McKechnie K’Marion Brand was ready to meet the world much soon than anyone anticipated. It was a quick delivery, with baby born before the EMT crew arrived to take mother and son to Manatee Memorial Hospital.

Fittingly, the parents decided to name him McKechnie in honor of his birthplace.

It’s been a whirlwind of media activity for Gooby: he visited mother and son at the hospital (shown above), was interviewed by several local media outlets and is tentatively set to be on ESPN Sportcenter tonight.

Image courtesy of the Bradenton Marauders.


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