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End of days for Moana Stadium

Moana Stadium

It looks like the end of the road for Moana Stadium, with the former home to professional baseball in Reno slated for demolition to make way for soccer fields.

We’re not talking about a huge loss here: the facility is in very rough shape and has been closed by the city for safety concerns. Under the plan, $400,000 would be spent on ballpark demolition and replacement with soccer facilities.

Moana Stadium

What’s being torn down is not the original Moana Stadium. The site has been used for sporting events since 1903; in the earliest days it was used for rodeos and boxing exhibitions. A ballpark was built at the site in 1946, with the Reno Silver Sox of the old Sunset League and Far West League moving there in 1947. The original Moana Stadium burned down in 1956, with a replacement facility opening the following season as the home of the Reno Silver Sox of the California League. Affiliated ball was played there off and on until 1992; it also hosted indy ball in 1996-1999.

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