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Bud’s retirement plan: Back to college in Madison

Bud SeligCurious about what Bud Selig has planned after retirement? He’s already set up plans to teach and write in Madison, Wis., conveniently near Ballpark Digest World HQ. The first pitcher of beer on the Terrace is on us, Bud.

Selig is a UW graduate, attending the school the same time as Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff and Milwaukee Bucks owner/U.S. Senator Herb Kohl.

He’s pretty much already installed at the University of Wisconsin’s Humanities Building, complete with office, and setting up an endowment for a professor of the history of sports in the History Department, who will probably be hired next year. He’ll spend the majority of his time on his memoirs, occasionally delivering a lecture and overseeing his papers, which will be housed at the Wisconsin Historical Society archives — located on the UW campus.

“One of the favorite parts of my life was the four years I spent in Madison, and I always thought I would be coming back as a history professor,” Selig told the Wisconsin State Journal. “I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it, to write my book and do what I want to do in Madison.”

One thing he won’t be doing: attending varsity baseball games. The University of Wisconsin dropped baseball as a varsity sport decades ago.


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