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High-end hotel pitched for Yankee Stadium area

New York YankeesWith parking ramps not generating nearly the amount of revenue anticipated by city officials, the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp. is soliciting developers to pitch a plan for a high-end hotel next to Yankee Stadium.

When the new Yankee Stadium was being designed, city officials converted some park land to parking ramps. The result was less than stunning: capacity at the 6,000 parking spots demanded by the New York Yankees never exceeded 60 percent, as fan smartly took advantage of top-notch public transit when attending Yankees games.

So with the parking ramps in financial agony, the borough’s economic-development arm is doing what local activists wanted in the first place: include a hotel in the mix, with fewer parking spots.

Developers are bring asked to submit plans for a hotel and conference center at River Avenue and 153rd Street, which could also include condos and a high-end penthouse restaurant space. (Yeah, we remember when Yankee Stadium was a real blue-collar hangout, too.) Local businesses and residents argue the need for a hotel in the area, and the market usually responds to demand. Eventually.

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