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Boise ballpark search to focus on downtown site

Proposed new Boise Hawks ballpark

The search for a new Boise Hawks (short season A; Northwest League) ballpark site by local business leaders will focus on downtown Boise, as a third feasibility study will compare potential sites for review by the city and the team.

The group of local business leaders, Better Boise Coalition, unveiled their plan yesterday. It’s pretty simple: evaluate potential downtown Boise ballpark sites, prepare some pros and cons, and present the findings to the team and the city. The follows two Hawks and city studies that basically came the same conclusion: Boise needs a new ballpark and could certainly support a replacement for outdated Memorial Stadium. (Interestingly, there’s some history with a downtown ballpark: the old Boise Braves, with a young Bob Uecker on the roster, played downtown.)

“We do not want to move, but we are getting pressure from the Chicago Cubs; we’re getting pressure from the Northwest League to upgrade the facilities,” Hawks GM Todd Rahr told a local TV station.

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