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Green Man hits Duck Pond; bailed out by Yellow Man

Madison MallardsYeah, we’re pretty sure this is staged — but, to be honest, we don’t care, either. Here’s a humorous clip from last night’s Madison Mallards (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) game, where a Green Man charged the field and artfully eluded his captors.

You know the meme: the guy in the green Lycra comes from Fox’s cultish show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Rushing the field is fairly common in baseball these days, and for the Mallards to attract a Green Man from the stands — with a Yellow Man conveniently waiting at the outfield gate and six employees unable to drag him down — well, that’s entertainment. Almost as entertaining as the lightning strikes that later halted the game for a good half hour, but at least the crowd saw this before they scattered from the Duck Pond in the middle of the fifth. And kudos to Aaron Sims for keeping a straight face.



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