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Funding plan emerging for new Clark County ballpark

Yakima BearsThe Yakima Bears (short season; Northwest League) would be asked to pay 30 percent of the cost of a new $23-million ballpark at Clark College, as Clark County officials float the idea of a new countywide amusement tax to pay for the rest.

The 5 percent tax would apply to all amusement firms in the county, including movie theaters and the ballpark itself. It would generate more than a million dollars a year in tax revenue — more than enough to pay off bonds issued for ballpark construction.

The Bears wouldt be responsible for maintenance and operations. The Clark College baseball team would also play there.

A new ballpark in Vancouver, Wash., would bring pro baseball back to the Portland, Ore. area. The Portland Beavers left for Tuscon at the end of the 2010 season.

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