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Stabilizer Solutions lands CWS ballpark contract

College World SeriesWhen the best college teams in the country gather next month in Omaha for the College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park, they’ll be playing on a state-of-the-art playing field anchored with Stabilizer Solutions products.

The playing field at TD Ameritrade Park will be under considerable scrutiny when the College World Series opens: it will be heavily used for days and must be able to handle the wear and tear while also handling potentially heavy rains under some extreme circumstances.

That was the challenge faced by field designer Dan Almond, landscape architect and owner of Millennium Sports Technologies. Not only must the field rebound from heavy wear, it must also deal with potential heavy rains and be able to bounce back quickly. Stabilizer Solutions supplied TD Ameritrade Omaha Park with their region-specific stabilized infield mix, Stabilizer “Pro Red,” to reduce dust, mud, and erosion and to maintain optimal levels of moisture in the field. Stabilizer’s “Pro Red” is comprised of 40 percent silt and clay content, with the rest of the mix is comprised of durable sand particles derived from crushed and screened aggregate. The warning track along the outfield combined crushed volcanic rock with Stabilizer, a natural soil-binding additive that allows for a more resilient playing surface. Almond also selected Stabilizer’s Hilltopper Mound Clay for the bullpen and game mounds, utilizing its water resistant capabilities.

 “Choosing Stabilizer products was a no-brainer for me,” Almond said. “On the demanding projects I work on, I like to recommend products that have a proven track record, and Stabilizer’s products speak for themselves.”


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