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Twins relocating trees behind center field at Target Field

Minnesota TwinsThe Minnesota Twins will be relocating 14 pine trees currently planted past the center-field wall after players complained about them being a distraction at the plate. No word on how the pitchers feel about the move.

In general, Twins batters weren’t that thrilled about playing at Target Field, despite the obvious team advantage of having a spacious ballpark that tremendously helped out the likes of Carl Pavano and Brian Duensing: smart pitchers who put the ball in play. And while it doesn’t look like there will be any changes in the field dimensions — yet — the Twins brass is giving in to the complaints by elimininating the pine trees.

Trees as a backdrop don’t seem to work out: the Seattle Mariners ended up scrapping trees as a center-field backdrop because of similar complaints from players.

In place of the trees: a more traditional batter’s eye, one designed to cut down down glare from the sun and ballpark lighting.

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