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Bernie Robbins Stadium in state of disrepair

Atlantic City SurfThat didn’t take long: Two years after the Atlantic City Surf (independent; Can-Am League) ceased operations, Bernie Robbins Stadium is now in a serious state of disrepair, with copper stripped from walls and luxury boxes trashed.

The Press of Atlantic City took a tour of the former indy-ball ballpark and found the place to be in poor shape. Windows to the luxury boxes have been smashed out and the interiors trashed. The infield has grown out with weeds, and the grandstand is crumbling. The ballpark’s murals are covered with graffiti, and copper wiring has been stripped from the walls. The plumbing is pretty much trashed, and there’s the fear there’s enough structural damage to warrant serious renovation bills. The only inhabitants these days are drifters and drug dealers.

Still, it sounds like the city hasn’t given up on the ballpark: The city is looking into what it will take to bring the ballpark back up to speed, in the hopes of attraction regional baseball tournaments and concerts. The cost may be $750,000 — but if more structural problems are discovered, the city would be lucky to get renovations done for that price.

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