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Bullfrogs marketing campaign for 2011: FrogVille, Wisconsin

Green Bay BullfrogsThe Green Bay Bullfrogs (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) announced a new marketing campaign for the 2011 season, the fifth for the team in Joannes Stadium: FrogVille, Wisconsin.

“The Bullfrogs are Green Bay’s team, a team they can call their own that many in our great sports community take a great deal of pride in supporting,” say’s Bullfrogs Owner and President Jeff Royle. “We want FrogVille, Wisconsin to be the place where family and friends take that nine inning vaction with us every summer.”

The goal behind “FrogVille, Wisconsin” is to market and brand Joannes Stadium and the entire Bullfrogs baseball experience as a destination within the city of Green Bay where fans from across the region can escape the rigors of the real world while enhancing a sense of hometown and community pride.

Escapism, of course, is a prime marketing tool for any baseball team, and it sounds like the Bullfrogs will be playing the angle heavily this coming season.

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