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Shocker: Handelsman to return as SwampDogs manager

Fayetteville SwampdogsWe’re stunned — just stunned! — to see that Darrell Handelsman is returning to manage the Fayetteville SwampDogs (summer collegiate; Coastal Plain League) in 2011, but the team sent out a press release proclaiming that very fact, just in case there were any doubts.

Of course, as an owner of the team and the face of the franchise in the community, it would be news if he didn’t return. We’ll let the SwampDogs press release speak for itself:

Was there any doubt he would return? Not really. Ask yourself these key questions; How would a team justify not bringing back a coach that has been named Coach of the Decade in two of the top summer collegiate baseball leagues in the country? How do you select anyone other than the man who has mentored too many players to count that have continued their baseball careers to the professional ranks? How can you pass on a coach that has won six of a possible 12 division halves? How would a team ever be able to hold their head up if they didn’t bring back the fourth winningest coach in the history of summer collegiate baseball?

Enough of the questions, let’s look at some of the facts. Handelsman has never been shy about giving credit to the players and assistant coaches he has surrounded himself with over the last 15 seasons. The one constant, however, has been his presence at the helm. Yes, Handelsman has had tremendous players and coaches to work with year after year, but without the proper guidance and being in positions to be successful, would it have worked out the same? Handelsman will never take the credit for the impressive things that happen on the field under his supervision. He’ll never tell you his favorite part is winning every game. What he will tell you is this; It’s about the boys that play this game and helping them become the best young men they can be. His goal isn’t to beat his opponent each night; it’s to beat the game itself each and every time they take the field.

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