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League Histories

League HistoriesWant to know more about teams and leagues of the past? This is the place for you. Here’s a listing of affiliated, independent and summer-collegiate leagues, organized by type. Enjoy!

American League

National League

Appalachian League
California League
Carolina League
Eastern League
Florida State League
International League
Midwest League
New York-Pennsylvania League
Northwest League
Pacific Coast League
Pioneer League
South Atlantic (Sally) League
Southern League
Texas League

American Association
Atlantic League
Frontier League
North American League

Coastal Plain League
Northwoods League

Alabama-Florida League / Alabama State League
Alabama-Tennessee League
American Association (original)
American Association (1883)
Arizona State League / Arizona-Texas League / Arizona-Mexico League
Arkansas State League / Arkansas-Missouri League
Arkansas State League (1908-1909)
Arkansas-Texas League
Atlantic Association
Atlantic Association (1889)
Atlantic League (1914)
Atlantic League (1896)
Atlantic League (modern)
Alabama-Florida League / Alabama State League
Bi-State League
Big State League
Blue Grass League
Blue Ridge League
Blue Ridge League (1946-1950)
Border League (1912-1913)
Border League (1946-1951)
Buckeye League
California State League (1910-1929)
California League (1887-1909)
Canadian League
Canadian-American League
Cape Breton Colliery League
Carolina Association
Central Association / Iowa State League
Central California League
Central International League
Central Interstate League
Central Kansas League / Kansas State League
Central League (1903-1951)
Central League (1888)
Central League (1900)
Central Pennsylvania League
Central Texas League
Coastal Plain League (1937-1952)
Colonial League (1914-1915)
Colonial League (1947-1950)
Connecticut Association
Connecticut League / Eastern Association
Copper Country Soo League
Cotton States League
Delta League
Dixie League (1916)
Dixie League (1933)
East Dixie League
East Texas League
Eastern Canada League
Eastern Carolina League
Eastern Illinois League
Eastern Kansas League
Eastern League (1883-1996)
Eastern League (1916-1932)
Eastern Shore League
Empire State League
Evangeline League
Far West League
Federal League
Florida-Alabama-Georgia (FLAG) League
Florida East Coast League
Florida International League
Georgia-Alabama League
Georgia-Florida League
Georgia State League (1906, 1914)
Georgia State League (1948-1956)
Golden Baseball League
Gulf Coast League
Gulf States League
Hudson River League
Illinois-Missouri League
Indiana-Michigan League
Indiana-Ohio League
Inter-Mountain League
Inter-Mountain League (1901)
International League (1908)
Interstate Association (1906)
Interstate Association (1883)
Interstate League (1896-1901)
Interstate League (1905-1916)
Interstate League (1913)
Interstate League (1932)
Interstate League (1939-1952)
Iowa-South Dakota League
Iron & Oil Association
Kansas State League
Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri (KOM) League
Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee (Kitty) League
Keystone Association
Lone Star League (1927-1929; 1947-1948)
Lone Star League (1977)
Longhorn League
Louisiana State League
Maine State League
Michigan-Ontario League
Michigan State League
Middle Atlantic League
Middle Texas League
Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas (MINK) League
Mississippi State League
Missouri State League
Mississippi Valley League
Montana State League
Mountain State League
Mountain States League (1911-1912)
Mountain States League (1948-1954)
Nebraska State League / Western League
New Brunswick-Maine League
New England Association
New York State League (1889)
New York State League (1899-1917)
New England League
New York-New Jersey League
New York-Pennsylvania League (1891)
North Atlantic League
North Carolina League
North Carolina State League
North Dakota League
North Texas League
Northeast Arkansas League
Northern Association
Northern League (original)
Northern League (new)
Northern State of Indiana League
Northwest International League
Northwestern League
Ohio-Indiana League
Ohio-Pennsylvania League
Ohio State League
Oklahoma-Arkansas-Kansas (OAK) League
Oklahoma-Kansas League
Oklahoma State League
Ontario League
Oregon State League
Pacific Coast International League
Pacific National League
Palmetto League
Panhandle-Pecos Valley League
Pennsylvania-Ohio-Maryland (POM) League
Pennsylvania State Association
Pennsylvania State League
Pennsylvania-West Virginia League
Piedmont League
Player’s League
Potomac League
Provincial League
Quebec-Ontario-Vermont League
Quebec Provincial League
Rio Grande Association
Rio Grande Valley League
Rocky Mountain League
Sooner State League
Sophomore League
South Carolina League
South Central League
South Texas League
South Dakota League / Dakota League
Southeastern League
Southern Association
Southern California Trolley League
Southern California League
Southern Illinois League
Southern Michigan Association
Southwest International League
Southwest Iowa League
Southwest Texas League
Southwest Washington League
Southwestern League (1904-1926)
Southwestern League (1956-1957)
Sunset League
Tar Heel League
Texas Association
Texas-Oklahoma League
Texas-Southern League
Texas Valley League
Three-I League
Tobacco State League
Tri-State League
Tri-State League (1904)
Tri-State League (1924)
Tri-State League (1925)
Tri-State League (1946)
Twin Ports League
Twin States League
Two-I League (Illinois-Indiana League)
Union Association (1884)
Union Association
United States League
Utah-Idaho League
Virginia League
Virginia Mountain League
Virginia-North Carolina League
Virginia Valley League
Washington State League
West Dixie League
West Texas League
West Texas-New Mexico League
West Virginia League
Western Association (1894)
Western Association (1901)
Western Association League (1905)
Western Canada League
Western Carolina League
Western International League
Western League
Western League (1888)
Western League (renamed American League, 1900)
Western League (1939)
Western Pennsylvania League
Wisconsin State League

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