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New Hagerstown owners unveiled

We've discovered the buyers of the Hagerstown Suns, as well as their intentions on the future of the Sally League franchise. Meanwhile, other affiliated teams are hitting the market.

Though it's not been officially announced, we've been told who is buying the Hagerstown Suns from Mandalay Baseball: Bruce Quinn, the COO and GM of Polo Trace Gold Club, a Delray Beach (Fla.) golf course, in association with local investors.

We've also been told the sale price is $6.8 million.

The intention, according to sources, is for the Suns to stay in Hagerstown and historic Municipal Stadium. Some ballpark improvements might be in the offing.

Meanwhile, there are other teams heading to the market, including an unnamed Sally League team. There's still persistent rumors that the Orioles want to put a Florida State League team in Sarasota after renovations to Ed Smith Stadium are done, and there are rumblings the Orioles made some unofficial representations of this to Sarasota officials when negotiation for city and county renovations to the ballpark. Now, we're not so sanguine about the future of baseball in Frederick without a Orioles affiliation: the team would be better off with a Nationals affiliation anyway, should the Nats look away from Potomac.

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