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New for 2010: The Morehead City Marlins

The Bengels are back in the Coastal Plain League with a Morehead City team.

The Bengel family returns to the summer-collegiate Coastal Plain League with the Morehead City Marlins, the 15th franchise in the circuit.

“We as a league are very excited about the Morehead City franchise coming on board," league founder and president Pete Bock said. “We believe that this will be a tremendous market for our league and for the team. The league has been very active with team officials and the City on the development of the new facility. It is exciting to be a part of bringing baseball to Morehead City and we look forward to them being an exciting new addition to the Coastal Plain League."

The Bengel family formerly operated the New Bern team in the Coastal Plain League; Sabrina is president of the team, while Buddy Bengel is currently heading the teams operations. “We are excited to be able to bring a high caliber of collegiate level baseball to Morehead City," Buddy Bengel said. "We are working diligently to field a team of great collegiate players, offer families affordable and wholesome entertainment as well as give Morehead City the opportunity to see the stars of tomorrow play today. We hope to build a franchise that Morehead City can be proud to call their own for many years.”

An official press conference is being planned for later this month in Morehead City to announce the Coastal Plain Leagues’ newest franchise and to officially unveil the Marlins Logo.

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